Face Contouring


Many women notice that over time the skin on their face has lost its elasticity and firmness, leading to a saggy, age-worn appearance – or even – a very unwanted double chin. The first thing you see when you look in the mirror is your face – and we truly believe that it should be met with a smile 
Accent Prime ™ works on a mesh of collagen fibers, mobilizing them into action so that skin regains its elasticity and form. It also has the ability to significantly reduce fat. The results will make you smile.


Alma Accent UltraFace- combines shear wave and compression ultrasound technologies for contouring of the face
UltraFace- combines a new type of ultrasound technology featuring guided ultrasonic waves, with an extra-large applicator plate for high speed contouring of especially large treatment areas.
UniFace- combines shear wave and compression ultrasound technologies
UniFace- combines high energy UniPolar RF technology with a detachable rotating massage ring to deliver deep dermal heating while increasing circulation


Alma Accent MiniSpeed- for small areas
MiniSpeed- Advanced Ultrasound for small areas fat reduction.
The MiniSpeed distributing US energy homogeneously throughout the treatment area to effectively reduce fat cell volume in stubborn areas.
Alma Accent SpeedSculpt- for small areas
SpeedSculpt- A scaled-down version of the MiniSpeed applicator, enabling an effective and safe treatments for super-small areas

“Facial contouring is a key antiaging procedure. By combining unique cold US with RF technology, Alma Accent delivers excellent results for treating both fat deposition and skin laxity within the same procedure allowing clients to recover a more youthful face.”

Courtesy of Dr. Maria Claudia Almeida Issa, Brazil




Focused treatment at multiple depths allows for greater treatment control and better results – leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.



Treatments with Alma Accent are safe and effective for all skin types (I-VI) as well as for thin and delicate areas of the face, neck and dיcolletי areas.



Combined technologies and treatment options yield faster, longer-lasting results, with fewer treatment sessions and minimal downtime.



Gradual heating and an integrated cooling system



Patients may return to their normal activities after treatment.


Body and Face Contouring

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